• HOODLUM 15 Oz Indigo x Indigo Slub Selvedge Unsanforized

    IDR 1,080,000.00
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    International Rate : 80 USD

    Specification : 

    - 15 Oz Indigo x Indigo Slub Selvedge Denim
    - Exclusive Carnivores Denim Works Fabric
    - Stiff & Crisp Fabric Character
    - Unsanforized, Shrink to a snug fit 
    - US Cotton Yarn, High Tension Weave 
    - Super Slubby, Irregular Texture Fabric 
    - Durable Poly/Cotton Coats Thread 
    - Stealth Indigo Thread Stitching 
    - White Cotton for Inner Pocket 
    - Hidden Rivetted Backpocket 
    - Carnivores Soul Signature Copper Button & Rivet 
    - Chainstitched with Union Special 35800G 
    - Shell-stiched Outseam 
    - Slim Cut 
    - Carnivores Skull Embroidery 
    - Stealth Carnivores Face Arcuate 
    - Carnivores Soul Signature Cowhide Leather Patch

    Slim Unsanfor