KARASU 15 Oz black x black Selvedge Sanforized

$ 145

KARASU 15 Oz Black x Black Japan Selvedge “As Solid and Agile as Crows Soul, The Black Wild Dependable Buddy with Japanese denim craftsmanship on it”

Milled in Okayama, Japan. Wellknown denim maker with its high quality denim. Long staple japanese cotton proccessed in sanforized for its comfort for your two wheels action

The yoke represent wheels, agility, crows, karasu, honda cb200 engine to present the small engine terror beast

Added with Carnivores Soul signature brass hardware, Signature fishtail muffler coin pocket, and double stitch backpocket. This beast will be your easy selvedge ever that’ll present super unique denim fades in yer journey!

Specification :
– 15 Oz Black x Black Japan Selvedge Denim
– Milled in Okayama, Japan Selvedge Fabric
– Ring Spun Yarn x Ring Slub Yarn
– Sanforized – Ready to Wear
– Fishtail Muffler Shape Coin Pocket
– Double Stitch Backpocket
– KARASU Full Printed Yoke lining
– KARASU Full Printed Pocket lining
– Stealth Arm-Wrestling Arcuate
– Carnivores Soul Signature Brass Button & Rivet
– Red KARASU Head Embroidery
– Exclusive Carnivores Japan 4mm Cowhide Patch
– Red line Selvedge

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