RACER 14 Oz Superblack x Superblack Denim

$ 110

Inspired by people and daily motorcycle riding activities,
we believe everyone is RACER in their life ; Racing life goals, Racing for position, even Racing in our own mind~ those race of ours needs basic racing standard garment and here they are denim for our daily race, RACER Line-up~

Specification :
– 14 Oz Superblack x Superblack Denim
– Hard to Fade – Tailored for longlasting Black Denim
– Exclusive Carnivores Fabric
– Milled in Indonesia, American Cotton
– Ring Spinned Yarn – Sanforized
– Fishtail Muffler Shape Coin Pocket
– Double Stitch Backpocket
– Natural White Cotton Pocket Lining
– Motorcycle Bar Arcuate
– YKK Japan Zipper Brass
– Carnivores Soul Signature Rivet
– RACER Grey Embroidery
– Carnivores x King Acan Leather Patch Design in 4mm Black Buffalo hide
– SLIM Cut

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