VULTURA 17 oz Indigo x Indigo Vertislub Selvedge

$ 151

– 17 Oz Indigo x Indigo Vertislub Selvedge Denim
– Exclusive Carnivores Soul Milled Selvedge
– American Materials Denim, Indonesian Selvedge
– Vertical Slub Yarn x Ring Spinned Yarn
– Deep Indigo Rope Dyed
– Sanforized States, No Initial Soak Need
– Extra Durable Polycotton Thread
– Natural Cotton Fabric Lining
– Contrast Arm-Wrestling Arcuate
– Carnivores Soul Signature Button & Rivet
– VULTURE FTW Blue Emberoidery
– Debossed Blue Carnivores Soul Motorcycles Cowhide Leather Patch
– Carnivores Soul Signature Brass Hardwares
– Union special 43200 stitched
– Signature Fishtail Muffler Shaped Coin Pocket
– Extra Double Stitched Backpocket
– Close edge Single Stitched Fly
– Redline Selvedge

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