TIGRA Motorcycle Denim Vest

$ 100

TIGRA Motorcycle Denim Vest 🏁
Vest to enliven your easy yet rugged motorcycle style, our Glorious Motorcycle vest combining the elegance of Late 1800s style vest and Rugged 1950s vest.Crafted with Random 16 Oz to 22 Oz Indigo Denim fabric, The vest is your Slubby denim for your rugged style. Made to embrace wind on two wheels.

Specification :
– Heavyweight Denim Fabric ( Random from 16 to 22 Oz Indigo denim fabric)
– Double Front Pocket
– Two tone poly cotton thread
– Carnivores Soul Signature Brass Button
– Triple Stitch Construction
– Made to embrace wind on two wheels
– Vintage western 1800s style vest

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